Top 5 Things to Do on Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Today is a day to reflect on what you are doing to save our planet. Are there changes you can make in your daily life to live more sustainably? Here are the top 5 things you can do this Earth day to help protect the planet we live on.


  1. Recycle – Most neighborhood recycling programs have easy curbside pickup, however if you are like me and live in a more urban area (such as a high-rise in Chicago) then you know that recycling is less prevalent. However, you can still collect your recyclables and take them to a local school or library with recycling bins. Schools and libraries are paid for the materials that they recycle and can use the money the better their facilities with new books and materials. Help out your community while saving the planet, it’s a win-win!
  2. Compost – Start a compost in your backyard. Buy a countertop compost bin for easy collection it compostable items in your kitchen and empty it outside on your compost pile every week! Kath at KathEats has a cute video about her new countertop compost, check it out here!
  3. Walk, bike, or take the bus – Save on fuel by choosing an alternative mode of transportation than your car. Walk to the supermarket, ride your bike to the gym, or take the bus to work a couple days out of the week.
  4. Plant – Plant your own garden indoors or outdoors; not only are you giving back to the Earth, but if you plant vegetables and herbs the Earth will give you food in return!
  5. Shop sustainably – Supporting local agriculture encourages the use of our plant’s land in the way it was meant to be used. Buy organic produce to ensure pesticides are not being used to harm the soil and plants. Talk to the farmers at your local famers’ market about how they grow their food. You will be amazed at how passionate these farmers are about the land that Mother Earth provides them!

What am I doing for Earth Day?

Sadly, due to my living location, I cannot start a compost (but hope to someday!). However, as you all know I did plant my own indoor windowsill herb garden (more updates on that tomorrow!). I have also been trying to buy my food more locally (check out my local food challenge!). I do use my car quite often, and could probably cut down on that by taking the bus or the el more often (if only Chicago public transportation was more reliable!). I do walk a lot in the city though and I hope to get a bike this summer!

Finally, I have a confession to make about recycling. Ever since I moved to a building without recycle bins I have stopped recycling. I know, I am terribly embarrassed to admit this, but I am actually going to take the advice I found about dropping off recyclables at a local school or library; I’m sure I can find a place nearby. I need to do some research about what things are recyclable in Chicago (different cities tend to have different rules based on their recycling facilities) because if I am going to recycle, I want to do it right. So starting today, on Earth Day 2010, I am officially recycling again!

What are you doing for Earth Day?


  1. Get a second garbage can for your recycling. It makes it much easier to recycle when you don’t have pick-up. You can just transport the garbage can to the drop off location, empty it and be on your merry way. Or, like me, you can bag it up in the can and then take multiple bags to the drop off in one trip.


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