Buying Bulk Foods

As you all know, I am obsessed with the bulk bins at any grocery store. Buying in bulk reduced unnecessary packaging, ensures that you pay for what you get, saves resources, and gives you the choice of buying as little or as much as you want! Here is a quick peak of the items in my pantry that I buy in bulk:


Oatmeal, Granola (this is my new local Milk & Honey Granola), and Rice


Whole Wheat Flour, White Flour (clearly I need more of that, I’ve been baking a lot of bread lately!), Trail Mix, Quinoa, Coffee, Wild Rice, and Chia Seeds

If you haven’t noticed I have a love for Oxo Good Grips Food Storage Pop containers (the clear containers with the white lids). They have a fun pop-top, air-tight lid that I totally adore. I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond; they are kind of pricey so I only buy one every now and then to add to my collection!

Do you buy in bulk? Do you have a favorite way to store things like me?


  1. Where do you buy most of your bulk items? I try to buy in bulk (especially oatmeal), but short of Whole Foods (which isn’t especially close to home) and Sam’s Club (which doesn’t have bulk bins), I’m not really sure where to go. Any recommendations?

    • Hey Stina! I mostly get my bulk items at Whole Foods, but a lot of the time little mom and pop grocery stores sell bulk items. I don’t know where in Chicago you’re at but I know that Stanley’s Fruits & Vegetables in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood sells a lot of cheap bulk food items!


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