Running a Half Marathon

I finally did it. I built up the courage to register for a half marathon. I am going to be running in the Chicago Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon on August 1st! I’m super excited but extremely nervous!


I’ve got my training schedule printed out and posted on my refrigerator. I’ve got 19 weeks to train and plan to kicked-off my regimen on Monday! Back in 2008 I trained for a half marathon in New Orleans. My family was going to vacation out there to watch me race. But due to a family medical emergency the the trip was cancelled and my training came to a half after my first 8 mile long run. Hopefully this year’s half marathon training will go much more smoothly and actually end with me completing the race!

Stay tuned for updates about everything from run times and nutrition to combating the Chicago “spring” weather as I hope to do the majority of my runs outdoors. Wish me luck as I embark on my journey towards achieving one of my dreams!

Any advice for a first time half-marathon runner?



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