Planting an Herb Garden

As spring grows near, I wanted to start my very first windowsill herb garden!

I have never grown my own herbs and can barely keep my one inside plant alive, so this will surely be a challenge. Luckily the gardener at Whole Foods gave me some great tips to get me started. I can’t wait to have beautiful fresh herbs to cook with once summer arrives!


I planted a variety of herbs including rosemary, cilantro, parsley, basil, and oregano.


I planted the seeds in Coast of Maine soil which is an organic compost based soil.


I planted the seeds according to instruction in a long windowsill planter in a window that faces east. I watered the seeds by filling the bottom tray with water so that they can slowly soak up the water as needed. Doing it this way prevents disrupting the newly planted seeds, which would occur if you pour water on top of the soil.

I covered the pot with plastic wrap to hold in moisture. Once the seeds sprout (hopefully they will!) I can remove the plastic wrap and start watering the plants from the top.

Any tips on growing an indoor herb garden would be greatly appreciated! Wish me luck!



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