Clean Food

Check out my latest purchase, Clean Food by Terry Walters!


After reading Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, I was inspired to try and eat more seasonally and locally. So imagine my enthusiasm when I came across Clean Food, a vegetarian/vegan cookbook focused on cooking with the seasons! Whether you’re an advanced cook or a beginner, this cookbook is for everyone. The book focuses on the health benefits or eating foods close to the source (with minimal processing) and includes over 200 recipes organized by season.

Walters believes that the closer a food is to it’s source, the “cleaner” it is. Take breakfast cereal for example. Packaged cold cereal is highly processed and therefore contains few nutrients. However, as you work your way closer to the source from instant oats, to rolled oats, to steel cut oats, and even whole oat groats, the cereal undergoes less processing, is more natural, and is therefore more nutritious.

I feel like Clean Food is exactly the kind of cookbook I’ve been looking for. I cannot wait to start cooking from it – all of the recipes sound truly delicious!



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