You may or may not have heard of the berry-like fruit a?ºa?¡, but it is well on its way to gaining popularity in the marketplace for its incredible antioxidant characteristics. The a?ºa?¡ berry grows on palm trees in the Brazilian Amazon and is rarely imported because it is so fragile, thus making it rather expensive to consumers within the United States. A?ºa?¡, topping the charts for its antioxidant value, contains more antioxidant activity than blueberries, strawberries, and red wine combined! Can’t remember why antioxidants are important for our bodies? Click here for a previous post explaining the role of antioxidants. A?ºa?¡ is also high in anthocyanins (the potent pigments that give the berry its deep purple color) which can help protect against cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and inflammation.


Today I picked up a bottle of Bossa Nova Superfruit a?ºa?¡ juice to try some for myself! Pure a?ºa?¡ juice is sour and bitter, but this juice adds agave nectar to sweeten it, resulting in a delicious flavor that to me tasted like a mix between blueberry and grape juice. Despite the high cost (almost $4.00 for a 10oz bottle) I found this juice to be quite tasty! I drank half the bottle rather quickly and then decided to savor the rest of it by adding a small amount to some sparkling water for an after dinner cocktail. In addition to pomegranate juice, I am going to have to add a?ºa?¡ juice to my list of favorites. I was highly impressed with the quality of this Bossa Nova Superfruit juice and cannot wait to try more of their many flavors including gogi berry juice and mangosteen juice!

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