How to Use a French Press

This morning I decided to make coffee in my new French Press that I got for Christmas! So how exactly do you use a French Press coffee maker? Well this is exactly what I learned this morning:


1. Coarsely grind up some coffee beans. If the beans are ground too finely, they may clog the filter.


I used some coffee from my new bag of Intelligentsia coffee directly traded from Colombia. It’s characterized as having a citrus flavor of cranberry orange, with hints of hazelnut!


2. Heat up some water, I used this cute tea kettle!


3. Place grounds at the bottom of coffee pot (I used about 2 heaping tablespoons for my 8 cup French Press)


4. Pour hot water into coffee pot, leaving around an inch of space at the top. Stir the contents with a wooden or plastic spoon, place plunger unit on top of pot and cover with lid making sure that the pour spout opening is closed. DO NOT press plunger down yet. Wait for coffee to brew for at least 4 minutes (longer if desired) before pressing down on plunger.


5. Carefully press plunger all the way down to secure contents at the bottom of the coffee pot.


6. Pour yourself a cup and enjoy! Check out my festive green and silver coffee mug that was given to me as a Christmas gift, I totally love it!


I was afraid of making the coffee too strong, but as you can see it actually turned out a bit weak; maybe an extra scoop next time around. I guzzled this coffee down this morning, it was so delicious! I don’t know if it was the French Press itself or the fact that I was using Intelligentsia coffee, but it was an amazingly flavorful way to start off the morning!

Next time I think I am going to grind up my coffee beans a little bit more and maybe add an extra tablespoon to the pot to make the coffee a little stronger. Overall I was thrilled with the whole experience. Brewing coffee using a French Press gives the coffee a very fresh, rich taste that I absolutely loved. I can’t wait to use it again tomorrow!



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