Workout Reading

Do you enjoy reading a book or magazine while working out to distract yourself? I find myself doing this time and time again, yet I feel like it prevents me from working out to my full potential. If I want to read during my workout I can’t run too fast or elliptical too hard or else I can’t focus on the small works in front of me. While reading a book or magazine is great for a quick warm up, it is tough to continue reading if you want to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. Since I find that getting in some reading of my favorite book motivates me to go to the gym I turned to the next best thing, audio books.

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Audio books are the perfect alternative to reading your favorite books while sweating it out at the gym. As a student I can’t afford to buy every audio book I want to listen to so I head over to the old-fashioned public library. With all the new technology and Kindles on the market, sometimes I feel like I am the only person these days that still visits the public library. Nevertheless its a great place to check out a couple audio books, download them onto my ipod, and start up a new book as I jog through the neighborhood or climb the Stairmaster. These are a couple audio books I hope to listen to holiday season!

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