Argo Tea

Yesterday while out Christmas shopping I went to Argo Tea, a local tea cafe here in Chicago, in search of some holiday teas and look what I found!


A Holiday Assortment Tea Sampler including:

  1. Holiday Chai – healthful and fragrant, a combination of green teas and select spices
  2. Snowflake White – a heavenly blend of white tea, apple, sweet pink pepper, and seasonal spices
  3. Winter Spice – an herbal varietal featuring cinnamon, cocoa, orange zest, and almonds

Can’t wait to fill up my tea ball with these and try them all!

While I was at there I tried a Tea Sangria, a sweet iced tea with fruit, it was amazing! And they have a student discount there so I even saved some money. Also, Argo Tea has the cutest Bee House Teapots, I totally want one!

What’s your favorite holiday tea?

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