Cafe Sushi

Last night I went out with a bunch of friends from my Nutrition program for another birthday! We went to Cafe Sushi here in Chicago and boy was it AMAZING! The sushi was the best I’d ever had and the service was incredible!

After some fabulous miso soup and edamame, the first set of rolls arrived!


Firecracker, Honey Crisp, Spider, Mexican, and Hawaiian rolls! I usually stick to my usual and get California rolls to be safe, but we decided to order a whole bunch of different rolls and try them all. I loved each and everyone one of them, I can’t believe I have never branched our from my standard California rolls until now!


Then the boat arrived with even MORE rolls! There was so much sushi it was incredible! I would definitely recommend stopping by this place if you live in the city or in town to visit.


Cheers to good times with great friends!

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