How to Cut a Pomegranate

ÔÇÿTis the season for pomegranates! Pomegranates are one of the best things about the fall season! However, most people have never even purchased or tried a pomegranate because they do not know how to cut and eat it. It takes a little bit of time and practice but your hard work will pay off when you finally get to enjoy the delicious seeds inside!


How to cut a pomegranate

  1. Cut the top off of the pomegranate


2. Cut down the center of the pomegranate to make a few slices


3. Using your fingers, pull all of the seeds out of the fruit and into a bowl. This part of the process can be VERY messy if you aren’t careful so be sure to wear an apron to cover up your clothes as the juice tends to squirt everywhere! Putting water in the bowl and holding the fruit under water while you remove the seeds with your fingers will minimize the amount of juice that may squirt out. The remaining membranes will also float to the top while the pomegranate seeds sink to the bottom. Remove the rest of the membranes from the seeds and skim them off of the water surface to discard.


4. Drain the water from the bowl by pouring the seeds into a strainer.


5. You can eat the seeds whole or obtain the juice from them by pressing them through a sieve. I like to sprinkle some sugar on mine and put them in the freezer overnight for a refreshing dessert or snack!

What’s your favorite way to eat a pomegranate?


  1. I have a pomegranate in my kitchen just waiting for me! Thanks for the tut!

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