Crispy Summertime Roasted Okra Fries

Summertime fries don’t necessarily have to be white potatoes submerged in vegetable oil. They can be these heart healthy crispy roasted okra fries!

Before you think eww okra, hear me out. Put your bad slimy okra memories aside for a minute for these roasted okra fries.


In the spirit of seasonal summer vegetables, it’s only fair that we give okra it’s proper moment in the sun. I cannot stress enough that okra MUST be cooked properly to be worth eating. Because when it’s not, it can be particularly, ummm, totally gross. Yep, I said it.


Known for it’s unfortunate gummy, slimy, and mushy texture, when roasted at a high temperature, you’re left with a finger food that has just the right amount of crunch, chewiness and flavor.

Roasted Okra Fries Recipe


Fries are the ultimate summer side dish. Every summer favorite – burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, grilled chicken – is dying to be paired with something you can dip in ketchup. But if you’re thinking outside the box for healthier options…which I always am…you know that fries don’t necessarily have to be white potatoes submerged in vegetable oil. They can most definitely be these crispy roasted okra fries!


Roasted Okra Fries Recipe


Embrace the deep south by adding these heart healthy roasted okra fries to your next summer grilling menu. They only take 20 minutes guys.


Crispy Summertime Roasted Okra Fries


If these roasted okra fries got you in the roasting mood, try my Oven Roasted Tomatoes or these Roasted Garbanzo Beans to add the perfect crunch to your next summer salad.


And if you have unexpectedly fallen in love with okra…TOLD YOU SO…there are plenty of delicious ways to cook it, like these:

Ways to Cook Okra

More Healthy Okra Recipes:


Roasted Okra Fries
Roasted Okra Fries



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