Pepper and Bean Pasta Salad

In an effort to use up all of my colorful peppers featured in the Importance of Antioxidants post, I threw together this simple, colorful salad. It could easily be eaten for a lunch or used as a side dish for a barbeque or picnic!

I thinly sliced one of each color bell pepper — red, green, yellow, orange, and of course my famous purple pepper! I also cut up some carrots and half of a white onion to add to the mix. Finally, for the beans I steamed some green beans and used one can of garbanzo beans and one can of kidney beans. The dressing was a mix of oil, vinegar, sugar, dried thyme, and pepper.

At the very end I decided to add some much needed bowtie pasta, which of course got added after these pictures were taken! And with today being the last day of July, I give three cheers for Vitamin A with these colorful yellow, red, and orange bell peppers!

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