Purple Bell Peppers!

I recently got my hands on some purple peppers from Whole Foods! I had never seen these before, they are totally new to me! From what I have read, they have green flesh on the inside and taste bitter and earthy like green bell peppers.

Purple peppers are harvested before they mature into green peppers. And the green ones eventually ripen into red peppers! So depending on when you harvest a bell pepper determines what color it will be. The earlier stages are less sweet, so the purple pepper will be the least sweet of all bell peppers.

Purple peppers, because they are a rare find, tend to be more expensive than any green, red, yellow, or orange pepper. But I couldn’t resist their beauty and I can’t wait to cook up something fun and colorful with them tomorrow! Any recommendations for favorite dishes involving purple peppers?


  1. I purchased purple bell pepper plants one year at WalMart and they were the best peppers I’ve ever eaten. They were very sweet. I have been unable to locate them again. I would like to find them again. They are your typical size of bell pepper, not small like the chocolate peppers. Any info would be great!

  2. Scott Byrnes

    I think you may be mistaken on how they mature. I grow two types of peppers that mature to purple from gree and never change another color unless they fall off and begin to rot. Islanders are the kind you are describing as far as flavor and texture, but they’ll get a hint sweet at fullest ripeness. I grow Islanders and Purple Cherokee

    • Thanks for the correction, Scott! I’m happy to defer to a pepper farmer when it comes to knowledge about the maturation and flavor of these vegetables!

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