Must-Have Kitchen Essentials – Dinnerware

The way you serve your food is just as important as the way you prepare it. These dinnerware essentials will boost the flavor of any healthy dish.

Presentation is everything. Just as food tends to taste better when someone else makes it, studies have shown that dinnerware (specifically plate color) also affects how people perceive the flavor of their food. White plates in particular have been found to enhance the perception and experience of food.

Whether it’s the way the natural colors of food stand out against the blank canvas or the fact that most restaurants use white dinnerware, making food the focus (without the distraction of colors and patterns) simply makes food taste better. Here are the must-have dinnerware essentials I use to boost the flavor of healthy meals in my kitchen.


Must-Have Kitchen Essentials – Dinnerware

1. White Dinner Plate – Large (11-inch) dinner plates are great for big meals, holidays and family gatherings; white works for any season. Be sure to purchase dishwasher-safe dishes to save you time at the sink after your guests go home.

2. White Salad Plate – Smaller (8.5-inch) salad plates are great for everyday use. Of course you can use these for a salad course at a dinner party, but using them on a regular basis helps to keep portion sizes under control. For this reason, these are our go-to weekday dinner plates.

3. White Pasta Bowl – We call these medium-sized (9.5-inch) bowls “pasta bowls”, but I guess their technical name is “soup bowl” – even though I would never put soup in them given how shallow they are. Anyways, they’re perfect for entree salad dinners or any kind of healthy “bowl” type dinner when you just want to throw together some grains, greens and lean protein!

white dinnerware

4. White Cereal Bowls – These microwave-safe, 5-inch bowls are great for oatmeal, cold cereal or even soups and stews.

5. Coffee Mugs – Nothing fancy here – just a trusty mug for hot coffee or tea! For all of you on-the-go coffee drinkers, this 16-ounce Thermos Commuter Bottle will change your life. Coffee and tea stay warm for the entire day, it’s 100% leak-proof and dishwasher-safe. I won’t travel anywhere without it!

6. Drinking Glasses – Enjoy a refreshing tall glass of water at every meal to get you closer to your goal of drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day.

7. Flatware – You can’t eat without silverware, so you might as well keep a variety of salad forks, dinner forks, dinner knives, soup spoons and teaspoons on hand!

8. Steak Knives – Lean protein is part of a heart-healthy diet and using serrated steak knives to easily cut through meat significantly improves the overall eating experience.

9. Stemless Wine Glasses – Sometimes the weekday nights call for a glass of wine with dinner (or while you’re cooking). We use stemless wine glasses for casual, everyday use and bust out the fancier stemmed wine glasses for company.

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