Amazing Grass Drink Powders!

Amazing Grass drink powders are an easy way to get your daily recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables!

They offer everything from Organic Wheatgrass Powder to Kidz Superfood. The powders include a variety of ingredients loaded with essential vitamins to give you an energy boost including (but not limited to) organic barley grass, spinach, acai, green tea, rose hips, and flax seed. You simply add a scoop of the powder of your choice to water, milk, juice, or smoothie and enjoy! If you aren’t one to enjoy the natural taste of grass, Amazing Grass powders come in a number of flavors including Berry and Chocolate!

Eat Chic put the product to the test. We selected Amazing Meal (Original Blend) and Berry Green SuperFood. The Amazing Meal Original Blend, mixed with milk, had a very earthy, grassy flavor to it with a bit of a gritty texture while the Berry Green SuperFood, mixed into a smoothie with strawberries and milk, had a VERY berry flavor to it to help mask the natural flavors. If drink powders aren’t your thing, Amazing Grass also sells SuperFood Energy Bars to help get you through the day.

Amazing Grass products can be found at your local health food store; simply go to and locate a retailer near you! Give Amazing Grass products a try and let us know what you think!

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