[Me] & Gogi – Now Element Bars!

Custom made energy bars

UPDATE: [Me] and Gogi Custom Cereal became Element Bars in January 2012. Now instead of a cereal, you can create a custom energy bar! From whole grains or gluten-free to Paleo and everything in between, check out Element Bars to create the perfect snack to fit your dietary needs!

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Eat Chic would like to introduce you to [Me] & Gogi! A New England run business, [Me] & Gogi is a website where you can design your own customized artisanal cereal!

[Me] & Gogi prides themselves on offering their customers over 50 organic and nutritious ingredients to choose from; everything from raw 5-grain muesli and spelt flakes to gogi berries and Maine wild blueberries. First you select a cereal base and from there you add all of the fruit, nuts, seeds, and spices that you want. Add as many or as few ingredients that you like, the choices are endless!

Not sure what ingredients taste great together? [Me] and Gogi provides you with recommendations to get you started! Create your own personal cereal capsule and order online for a one-of-a-kind healthy snack! We love how [Me] & Gogi engages its customers in choosing their favorite healthy ingredients and we hope you will too!

Visit [Me] & Gogi(now Element Bars)and join in on the fun!

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