Get Moving This Summer!

With the sun shining bright early, the cool morning breeze blowing, and the warm afternoon air soaking into your skin, summer is the perfect time to be outside! Eat Chic has some easy exercise opportunities with fun summer outdoor activities to help you stay fit and burn some extra calories throughout your day!

Jumprope: Dust off the old jumprope and start moving in your backyard! Ever wanted to learn how to double-dutch? Now’s your chance! Summer is the perfect time to jump around and sweat a little! Include your kids for some fun the whole family can enjoy!

Take Fido for a Walk: Not only will you be getting some exercise, but man’s best friend never says no to a walk!

Go For a Dip: If the summer heat is too much to handle, take a dive into the swimming pool to cool down! Swim some laps or play games with the kids to burn some extra calories during your day!

Sign up for a Walk/Run Event: Summer is the perfect time for a community 5K! Meet new people and raise money for a good cause while on the move! Check your local community to see what events are going on near you this summer and become involved!

Go for a bike ride: Take your whole family out for a weekend ride, or if you’re willing, ride your bike to work and save on gas money!

While the summer weather is beautiful, it can get rather hot so be sure to stay hydrated during all of your outdoor activies!

Eat Chic wants to know how you plan on staying fit this summer!

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