Top 5 Farmers Market Shopping Tips

With over 4,600 farmers markets around the United States, the idea of buying locally is quickly gaining popularity. Not only is a farmers market an important souce of revenue for local farmers who work and manage their own operation, but it also benefits consumers. Farmers markets provide consumers with the freshest produce from local farms while encouraging healthy and wholesome eating by introducing consumers to new food products of the season. To help guide you during your next farmers market visit, Eat Chic has put together our top 5 tips for how to shop efficiently and successfully at a farmers market near you!

  1. Make sure you know when and where your local farmers markets are open. Visit to find a farmers market near you!
  2. Know when and what you plan to cook ahead of time so you know what produce to purchase and prevent wasting it.
  3. Be sure to bring a cloth bag to carry your produce in as well as cash (very few farmers markets take credit cards so make sure to carry a few $1 and $5 bills with you).
  4. Get to the market early to get the best picks; throughout the day the produce becomes picked over quickily.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask the farmers for tips or recipes on preparing certain produce items that you may be less familiar with.

Farmers markets are a great way to get fresh spring and summer produce. However, such markets are not always the best spots to find the cheapest produce; remember that you are also paying for the quality freshness and to support your local farmers! Happy shopping everyone!



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