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After nearly a decade in business, Eat Chic Chicago has decided to close our doors. I am grateful for all of your support over these past years and have moved on from Chicago, starting a new chapter in San Francisco, California.  

Meet the Team Amari

Meet Amari Thomsen, MS, RD, LDN

Founder of Eat Chic Chicago

Chicago Dietitian, Writer, and Food & Nutrition Expert


Amari (pronounced Am-marie) is a Chicago dietitian, freelance writer, cookbook author, and nutrition communications expert. PR professional by day and entrepreneur by night, Amari has a passion for leveraging superfoods to enhance ordinary foods with extraordinary nutrition. After starting her blog back in 2009, she has since expanded her career by developing her own nutrition communications and consulting business, Eat Chic Chicago.

Amari serves as a nutrition spokesperson and an established public speaker for both media and corporate opportunities. She is also an experienced recipe developer, food stylist and photographer. She has contributed her nutrition expertise to writing articles and developing recipes for Food & Nutrition and Today’s Dietitian online and print magazines, is a former editor and continued contributor for the Dietitians in Business and Communications newsletter, is a writer for RD Lounge, and has been referenced as a health expert in numerous consumer and health publications including SHAPE and Women’s Day as well as in local newspapers including the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times.

As a native of Omaha, Nebraska, Amari graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and later completed her nutrition education at the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Master’s degree in Nutrition Science. She is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (specifically within the Nutrition Entrepreneurs and Dietitians in Business and Communications dietetic practice groups), the Illinois Academy, Chicago Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and the Chicago Food & Nutrition Network.

Amari lives in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood with her husband and loves cooking in her small urban kitchen, developing delicious recipes, writing, running, tackling DIY projects and shopping at local farmers markets. The content on this site is in no way related to her employer, FoodMinds. Please see more in the following disclosure statement.

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Why Should I Work with a Registered Dietitian?


What is a Registered Dietitian? A Registered dietitian, or RD for short, is a food and nutrition expert responsible for translating the science of nutrition into everyday practical solutions necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. Registered Dietitians have the expertise, training and credentials to separate fact from fad while offering sound advice about how a nutritious diet can improve health, fight disease, and even aid in weight management.

How is a Registered Dietitian different than a Nutritionist? The “RD” credential can only be used by practitioners who are recognized by the Commission on Dietetics Registration of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Here’s where it gets tricky. Some registered dietitians call themselves “nutritionists” but not all nutritionists can call themselves “registered dietitians” as the RD credential is a legally protected title requiring licensure, approved educational specifics and clinical experience. Some states have licensure laws that define the range of practice for someone titled a “nutritionist”, but not all. Be aware that in some states anyone can call themselves a “nutritionist” regardless of proper education and training. Consulting a registered dietitian guarantees you’ll received professional nutrition advice from an experienced expert.

Interested in becoming a Registered Dietitian? Check out How to be a Registered Dietitian to learn more about how I got my start as a food and nutrition expert!



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