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After nearly a decade in business, Eat Chic Chicago has decided to close our doors. I am grateful for all of your support over these past years and have moved on from Chicago, starting a new chapter in San Francisco, California.  

Hi, I’m Amari. I’m a dietitian who eats real food, just like you. I love salads and superfoods, but am not afraid to order pizza on a Friday night or enjoy a cocktail over the weekend. Among the leafy greens, smoothies, and chia seeds, I occasionally cook with bacon, use white four and even deep fry something once in a while. You see, it’s all about balance. Food is one of the many pleasures in life and it’s OK to enjoy it!

Diets that are overly-restrictive stimulate an “all-or-nothing” attitude and before you know it, you’ve embarked on an eternal emotional roller coaster. The constant cycle of accomplishment and failure leaves you questioning your self-discipline and your self-worth. From pride and diligence to shame and guilt, over time, your attempt to lead the “perfect healthy lifestyle” strips all of the enjoyment away from eating – leaving you powerless, loathing your next meal, and exhausted from a lifetime of attempts to “bounce back”, “get back on track”, and “start again on Monday”.

So start thinking differently – give yourself a break, restore the balance and re-establish your confidence. Build a healthy relationship with food. You can do this. It starts with two simple numbers: 80 and 20.

Chicago Dietitian Cooking

Choose clean, good-for-you foods 80% of the time. The other 20% is flexible. Consistency is key and the math is easy – if you eat three square meals a day, the majority (80%) of those should be healthy. However, four of those meals each week (or 20%) are open opportunities to enjoy foods that might not otherwise be the “most nutritious options”.  You don’t need to go crazy, but don’t sweat the small stuff and mind your portion sizes. The objective is to break free from the unattainable goal of perfection, from trying to be 100% all of the time. Instead be confident, content, free and accomplished at 80.

Chicago Dietitian Cooking


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