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Chicago Corporate Wellness

Is your business implementing a new corporate wellness program? Has eating out at lunch and snacking from the vending machines led to a weight loss challenge in your office? Is your fitness facility interested in hosting a community event? Are you looking for a guest speaker at your next food show? Eat Chic Chicago offers a variety of nutrition seminars and cooking demonstrations to fit your needs! Learn more about Amari and her nutrition philosophy.


Nutrition Seminars

Whether you want to help your employees eat healthy, learn how to create delicious and nutritious meals, help your athletes perform optimally or better understand the whys and hows of the a particular specialty diet, Eat Chic Chicago is here to help!

Chicago Corporate Wellness

What does a Nutrition Seminar include? 

Let Eat Chic Chicago create an individualized nutrition education session to fit the needs of your group! Popular topics include (but are not limited to) those listed below. For inquiries regarding alternative topics, please contact Amari.

  • Nutrition 101: Beyond the Calories: Have you ever tried to count calories? How long did you last? Did it prove to be a successful solution in your goal to gain or lose weight? The truth is there is more to weight management than just counting calories. Understand the difference between lifestyle and diet and recognize the importance of metabolism and calorie sources. Learn the importance of hydration, meal timing and portion control in weight maintenance. Healthy eating is more than just a numbers game and together we will take a closer look at how balancing calories in and calories out is oversimplifying the facts.
  • Is Fat Really Making us Fat? Years of research have been dedicated to determining why the population is getting fatter and what to do about it. So why are people eating more today than ever? Has bad science pointed us in the wrong direction? Understand the biochemistry of the body and discover the truth about what’s really making us fat. Learn how restricting calories, eating less fat, and consuming more sugar has caused our nation to be fatter and sicker than ever.
  • Understanding Nutrition for Heart Disease & DiabetesLearn about the causes and health risks associated with heart disease and diabetes, understand the meaning behind lab values like cholesterol, glucose, and triglycerides, and identify the role of nutrition in preventing and treating heart disease and diabetes.
  • Demystifying Label Reading: Identify the components that make up a nutrition label, develop easy tips and tricks to read labels effectively, and understand ingredients and hidden tricks that food manufacturers use to market their products.
  • Supermarket Smarts: Learn how to navigate the supermarket with a nutritious mindset as we discuss healthy options in each specific department of the grocery store. Understand helpful hints for meal planning and learn how to shop on a budget.
  • Nutrition and Supplementation for Athletic Performance: Learn the importance of carbohydrates, protein and fat for optimal athletic performance. Understand what to eat before, after and during your workouts. Identify ways to use carbohydrate loading techniques, protein powders, sports drinks and vitamin/mineral supplements effectively.
  • Ancestral Wellness: Understanding the Paleolithic Diet: The Paleo diet is more than simply “eating like a caveman”. Understand the science of how ancestral foods can aid in digestive healing, allergy cessation, weight loss, and athletic performance. Learn why and how adapting to this particular lifestyle may be beneficial for you.


How much does a Nutrition Seminar cost? 

Nutrition seminar pricing varies based on number of attendees, presentation duration and location. Contact Amari for a nutrition seminar price proposal.* For more information regarding acceptable payment methods, please visit Payment and Insurance.


*If your organization has multiple locations or you are interested in a series of events, Eat Chic Chicago can accommodate package rates.


Cooking Demonstrations

Experience a live cooking demonstration right in your office! Learn how to cook tasty meals and snacks for every day health. Sample some delicious dishes and take home the healthy recipes! After this mouth-watering experience, you won’t forget to bring your lunch to work ever again!

Chicago Corporate Wellness

What does a Cooking Demonstration include? 

Let Eat Chic Chicago bring the kitchen to you! Host an active cooking demonstration in your conference room or auditorium, at your expo or food festival, or any unique space you can think of! Let Amari cook healthy food right in front of your very eyes as you enjoy samples and take home delicious recipes.*


How much does a Cooking Demonstration cost?

Cooking demonstration pricing varies based on number of attendees, demonstration duration, and location. Contact Amari regarding pricing for your one-of-a-kind event! For more information regarding acceptable payment methods, please visit Payment and Insurance.

*Amari is ServSafe Certified     ServSafe




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