Healthy Halloween Treats

Happy Halloween! If all of the sugary candy and treats this season scare you, try one of these creative healthy Halloween foods instead! Be sure to check out our tips for How to Have a Healthy Halloween and avoid cavities and weight gain throughout during this fun holiday.

healthy halloween recipes

  • Halloween Yogurt Bark – Freezing yogurt (even the non-dairy kind!) creates a breakable bark similar to chocolate without all the sugar. Add fruit and homemade monster googly eyes for a festive look!
  • Owl Rice Cake Snacks – I love everything about these – rice cakes, peanut butter, fresh fruit and whole grain cereal – all wrapped up in a cute little owl snack!
  • Watermelon Brain – Feeling adventurous? Instead of carving pumpkins this season, carve a juicy edible watermelon!
  • Yummy Mummy Beef Pizzas – Try these protein-packed English muffin pizzas for a quick snack or festive dinner on Halloween night!
  • Thai-Spiced Deviled Egg – The spicy orange filling in these deviled eggs are naturally colored with curry paste and Sriracha. Add a little chive or green onion sprig to finish off the pumpkin look!
  • Cheese Witch’s Broom – Make these fun witch’s brooms easily with pretzel sticks, cheese and chives for a healthy and festive Halloween snack.
  • Breadstick Rattlers – Use homemade or pre-made pizza dough to create these spooky snakes which are decorated with poppy seeds, olives for eyes and a piece of dried chiles for a tongue.
  • Crunchy Celery Mummies – Wrap up Halloween spirit with these crisp celery snacks packed with cream cheese (try hummus for a non-dairy alternative) and draped with deli ham mummy rags.


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