What’s In Season – Winter Produce Recipes

Seasonality is about the pursuit of flavors.

During the chilly months of December, January and February, many at-home chefs become uninspired by winter fruits and vegetables. But there are far more seasonal produce options during these months than the standard potatoes and onions. Our winter produce chart and healthy winter recipes will keep you inspired until spring! Check out our spring produce, summer produce and fall produce guides too!

Winter Fruits and Vegetables Chart

Today’s global market allows us to buy foods grown anywhere in the world all-year long – leaving grocery store shelves stocked with strawberries in the winter and root vegetables in the summer. But just because you CAN buy out-of-season produce year-round, doesn’t mean you should. Have you ever noticed the difference in flavor of a fresh tomato when you buy one in the dead of winter (bland and mealy) compared to the flavor of the same product in the summer (sweet and juicy)? Purchasing out-of-season produce comes at the cost of flavor, quality and freshness.

Not only does cooking with seasonal produce save money (because – supply and demand), but it also encourages you to expand your weekly at-home menu and experiment with new ingredients. And when you finally have the opportunity to bite into a sweet summer berry in June, the wait will have been well worth it!

So without further ado, please welcome the stars of the show, your winter fruits and vegetables and a few healthy winter recipes to inspire you!

Healthy Beet Recipes


Healthy Broccoli Recipes


Healthy Brussels Sprouts Recipes

Brussels Sprouts

Healthy Cabbage Recipes


Healthy Carrot Recipes


Healthy Cauliflower Recipes


Healthy Citrus Recipes


Healthy Fennel Recipes


Healthy Kale Recipes


Healthy Leek Recipes


Healthy Parsnip Recipes


Healthy Pomegranate Recipes


Healthy Potato Recipes


Healthy Radish Recipes


Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

Sweet Potato

Healthy Turnip Recipes


Healthy Winter Squash Recipes

Winter Squash


Need more ideas? Follow our winter produce board on Pinterest! Look for inspiration throughout the rest of the year? We’ve got spring recipe, summer recipe, and fall recipe guides as well.



  1. What a gorgeous roundup of winter recipe ideas! Thanks for including my Dirty Rice with Collards and Leeks recipe!

  2. Thanks Letty! I can’t wait to give your Dirty Rice recipe a try – looks delicious!

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