Foods to Watch in 2014

Watch for these Foods to Hit Your Plate and Excite Your Palette in 2014!

The New Year is in full swing, and the foods we’ll all be talking about this year are starting to emerge. In 2014 it’s all about foods you know and love, with a few new stars along the way. Check out this list featured by Naked Juice of top go-to foods that will be making a splash this year!

Naked Juice

  • Coconut: Coconut is making new appearances in 2014 beyond coconut water and coconut milk. From coconut sugar and flour, to coconut oil and vinegar, this fruit is emerging everywhere from baked goods to skin care products. Whether you are looking for an electrolyte boost from coconut water or the antimicrobial benefits of lauric acid found in coconut milk, you have a bevy of options.
  • Cauliflower – Food enthusiasts are finding more and more ways to incorporate cauliflower into dishes for 2014. Whether it’s mashed or pureed into soup, grated into a rice, cut and grilled as a cauliflower steak, made into a pizza crust or simply served on its own as a side dish, this vitamin C rich veggie is making a delicious comeback!
  • Leafy Greens: We all remember kale as the star of 2013, and the good news is that leafy greens are here to stay! In addition to kale, a key ingredient in Naked’s new Kale Blazer smoothie, expect to see other leafy green alternatives like Swiss chard and turnip greens step into the spotlight this year. Also, as more and more people jump on board with the “clean eating” movement, expect to see more people choosing functional green vegetable juices in place of caffeinated energy drinks to stay fueled.
  • Ancient Grains: Step aside quinoa and make way for the new grains in town! Kaniwa (ka-nyi-wa) and freekah (free-kuh) are a couple ancient grains expected to gain popularity in 2014. Kaniwa, a smaller quinoa-like grain and freekah, a young green cracked wheat, are both great sources of protein, fiber and iron. These ancient grains can be used in breakfast porridges, as simple additions to soups and salad, or to make a tasty pilaf or risotto!
  • Antioxidant-rich Berries – Antioxidant-rich berries are here to stay. Whether you know them as the more familiar blackberries, raspberries and pomegranate seeds or the less familiar acai berry, black currants and aronia berries, don’t let their small size fool you! These sweet and sour berries pack a nutritional punch of vitamins A & C, phytochemicals and antioxidants that you won’t want to miss this year. Enjoy all of these tasty berries raw (either fresh or dried), in baked goods or mixed into juices and smoothies.
  • Hemp Seeds – Move over flaxseed because hemp seeds are making a grand entrance in 2014. Vitamin-rich hemp seeds are a great source of fiber and protein. Did you know that 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds contains 6 grams of protein? With their nutty flavor and crunchy texture, hemp seeds are an easy and healthy addition to granola, salads, baked goods or smoothies.


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