Bridal Essentials Expo

In case you missed all of my previous reminders, today was the Bridal Essentials show at the Mid America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa! The expo started at 10am, so I hopped in the car bright and early with my mom and cousin and headed over to Council Bluffs to meet two of my Omaha bridesmaids for the show! We got there much faster than planned and ended up being over an hour early before the doors even opened. Thus began our desperate search breakfast.

After a failed GPS search, a drive around the convention center, and still no breakfast ideas, we settled on our last resort. No not fast food. Not a diner. Not a gas station. Better. Free continental breakfast at a neighboring hotel! Were we hotel guests? No. Were we there for free fruit, yogurt, and oatmeal? Yes. I can’t say that this was one of my proudest moments, but I simply walked into the lobby and got in the breakfast line. We then sat down and enjoyed our quick, fast, and healthy breakfast with all of the other hotel guests. No one will ever know. Like they say…when in Iowa…


As for the expo we had a great time! There was everything from wedding dresses and invitations, to musicians and enough cake samples to make you sick. At one point we even piled into a photo booth to take goofy pictures. Not to mention the giant swag bag I walked away with! We probably spent a good 2-3 hour at the expo collecting free swag, tasting food, and gathering ideas.

I didn’t take too many pictures at the expo simply because it was extremely crowded and difficult to take good, clear photos. While I’m not getting married in Iowa, or Omaha for that matter, I got a lot of really neat ideas to use towards our big day in Chicago!

Tomorrow is my last day in Omaha for the weekend. I’ve got some errands to run, a luncheon to attend, and a flight to catch. Goodnight!

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