Backyard Saga

Good morning! The fall weather is in full force in Chicago, a beautiful 58*F for my run this morning! Yesterday I finished up the backyard or at least as much as we plan to do until winter is over. Until spring when we can plant something out there, my festive gourd family will keep me company.


So to complete the backyard saga, here are the before and after pictures I promised! Mind you, the before pictures were taken on the day we moved in, I wasn’t even brave enough to go out there, so I simply took photos from the back door haha. Because of that, it’s difficult to see how awful it really was…not like I really want fond memories of it anyways.

Standing at the back door looking out onto the patio:
Before                                                        After

View the path from back door to garage door
Before                                                        After

Back door view out to the shed:
Before                                    After
We now have a visible and useable back porch!

Now we just need some patio furniture and a grill!

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