Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

Merry Christmas! The holiday has finally arrived!

Living a healthy lifestyle does not only mean eating healthy and exercising; we want to do our part in taking care of the environment too! Wrapping paper can create a lot of excess waste in the house around the holidays. Try one of these gift wrapping ideas to help save trees and keep the world we live in healthy and happy!

  • Save the Sunday paper to wrap your gifts using the comics or cross word puzzles. Tie them with natural twine instead of ribbon.
  • Cut open brown paper bags and decorate them with stickers, stamps, or markers.
  • Use a pillow case, towel, or graphic t-shirt to wrap gifts in. Your friends and family will be impressed with your creativity!
  • Use the film from old cassette and VHS tapes to make vintage ribbon!
  • Wrap gifts in canvas grocery bags. Next time your friend or family member goes grocery shopping they can take the bag along and save trees as well!
  • You can even buy recycled Christmas wrapping paper; check it out here.

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