Final Pictures from Lake Tahoe

At long last here are the final pictures from our Lake Tahoe! Unfortunately these pictures are not as good of quality since they were taken with a waterproof disposable camera, but at least we caught a few memories.

If you recall, we rented a jet ski one morning and took it out on the lake!

Here we are on out high-output jet ski about to go for a ride! Believe it or not, riding on the back was actually more difficult then driving; it’s tough to hang on when you are going 50 miles and hour! My favorite part of our morning on jet skis was of course driving it later on!

We went out on the water REALLY early as the sun was still coming up and shining in out faces.

We rode around the lake over to Emerald Bay, which is the most commonly photographed part of Lake Tahoe.

We parked the jet ski on the shore at Emerald Bay and went for a short hike. A number of trees in this area have been struck by lightening and are completely hollowed out, but still living. So we climbed inside one of them for a picture!

The following day we went white water rafting on the American River near Sacramento.

We went down both class 3 and 4 rapids during our trip down the river.

Helmets and lifejackets completed the look.

The weather was extremely warm so we each had to jump in for a swim every now and then to cool off!

Finally the last pictures on this camera were ones from our hike to Eagle Falls.

As expected, Eagle Falls was not nearly as large as Horsetail Falls, but still a lot of fun!

The hike up to Eagle Lake was a short 1.5 miles.

The views on the way up were incredible. 

You can see Emerald Bay (where we were on the jet skis the other day) through the trees in this picture and the one above.

We finally made it to Eagle Lake and went for a refreshing swim!

So there you have it, all the pictures from our trip to Lake Tahoe, California!

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