The last thing I wanted to share with everyone from my trip to Omaha was my visit to Greenbelly, an eco-friendly restaurant that serves environmentally friendly food. Greenbelly emerged from a catering company called The Cooking Club, and provides customers with healthy environmentally sustainable gourmet food.


Greenbelly not only prides itself on their delicious food but also on their use of containers and disposables made from 100% compostable corn. Their menu offers everything from a build-your-own salad, signature salads, soups, and paninis, as well as grilled pizzas with homemade crust!

While there, I ordered the the Very Berry Salad: a mix of greens with fresh strawberries and blackberries, dried cranberries, and sliced almonds with raspberry vinaigrette. I also got grilled chicken to top it off. The salad was delicious, but as I was eating, I noticed that a lot of people around me had ordered the Chicken Bruschetta Grilled Pizza, which looked phenomenal! Seeing the fresh ingredients atop a fluffy homemade crust made me which I had ordered the pizza instead! Next time I go to Greenbelly I will definitely have to order it as it seems to be quite popular!

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