Pancake Breakfast

As part of National Nutrition Month, the Chicago Dietetic Association (CDA) organized a free pancake breakfast for the kids at Beethoven Elementary school on the south side of Chicago this weekend! The breakfast focused on teaching kids about the importance of eating breakfast and choosing healthy options to fuel their bodies.


I’ve been on the National Nutrition Month committee of CDA since January and we had been planning this even for months, finally it was here! We got free t-shirts to identify ourselves with CDA and even got to wear chef hats!


The breakfast included pancakes, apples, yogurt parfaits (with granola, low-fat yogurt, and blueberries), orange juice, and milk.


Thanks to Sysco and the National Dairy Council for donating all of our food, it was wonderful! We even had plenty of extras that we were able to send home with some of the families.


CDA members worked hard in the kitchen cooking up batches upon batches of pancakes for the kids of Beethoven elementary and their families.


The kids loved the breakfast and chef hats and milk mustaches became the uniform of the morning!

Thanks to everyone at CDA for making this event happen, it was a great success!

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