Pomegranate Ice Cream!

After a long day of class, having lunch with the girls, and working out I am having this for dessert!


Sheer Bliss pomegranate ice cream with dark chocolate chips!


And of course a handful of delicious frozen fruits (pomegranate, blueberries, and mangoes) to go along with it! This and some Christmas music should help me get through another night of studying. This ice cream is so dreamy; what a delicious end to a busy day!


  1. OMG, yuummm….I haven’t looked at your blog lately, there are a ton of awesome posts up!

  2. OMG!! That ice cream is amazing, all the girls in my office love the little pint cans and keep them on their desks, only problem is that they are running out of space…too many cans lol.

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